Defect #12954

Updated by Daniel Felix over 9 years ago


I've encountered some bug, which prevents the creation of a new issue.

Maybe this is solved by commiting #12005, but in the current trunk and Redmine 2.2.2 this bug is reproduceable.

Ways to reproduce this error:
# Set custom field as required
!{width:500px;}custom_field_required.png! !{width:250;}custom_field_required.png!
# Define field as read-only in workflow
!{width:500px;}workflow_read_only.png! !{width:250;}workflow_read_only.png!
# Try to add issue, as you could see the field isn't displayed in the form but is checked in the required process
!{width:500px;}failure_in_issues.png! !{width:250;}failure_in_issues.png!

Maybe this one is related with #12856, which hasn't any relation to custom fields, but the result seems to be the same.

Some suggestion to solve this:
Commit patch from #12005, remove required checkbox from custom fields, set currently required fields to "required" in all workflows. This way there is no way to set a field as read-only and required.

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