Defect #13518

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 9 years ago

In Redmine version 2.2.3, when you copy a project that the issues have custom fields, this fields aren't copied.

In a previous release of Redmine (2.1.2) this problem is resolved.
*The solution* could be the same that is explained in the #11315:
issue 11315:

This solution consist in:

* Modify the file app/models/issue.rb to add a call to a function to recalculate the custom fields
** In *tracker_id* function:
<pre><code class="diff">
def tracker_id=(tid)
self.tracker = nil
result = write_attribute(:tracker_id, tid)
- @custom_field_values = nil
+ recalculate_custom_field_values!
** In *project* function
<pre><code class="diff">
def project=(project, keep_tracker=false)
project_was = self.project
write_attribute(:project_id, project ? : nil)
association_instance_set('project', project)
if project_was && project && project_was != project
- @custom_field_values = nil
+ recalculate_custom_field_values!

* Finally, add the new method in lib/plugins/acts_as_customizable/lib/acts_as_customizable.rb
<pre><code class="ruby">
# Recalculate custom_field_values based on current available_custom_fields.
# We need to make sure no extraneous custom_field_values are saved,
# #custom_field_values= will only save values for custom fields available
# to this object.
def recalculate_custom_field_values!
cfv_hash = custom_field_values.inject({}) {|h,cfv| h[] = cfv.value; h}
self.custom_field_values = cfv_hash


*My Environment*

Ruby version 1.9.3 (x86_64-linux)
RubyGems version 1.8.25
Rack version 1.4
Rails version 3.2.12
Active Record version 3.2.12
Action Pack version 3.2.12
Active Resource version 3.2.12
Action Mailer version 3.2.12
Active Support version 3.2.12
Environment production
Database adapter mysql2