Patch #7445

Updated by Etienne Massip over 9 years ago

I found a need to have multiple forms of auto-updates for issues through repository commits. This patch changes the wording from 'commit_fix' to 'commit_update' to represent the fact that not all repository commits are 'fixes'. In addition, there are now 5 slots for auto-updates through repository commits.

One example of usage is that in my projects, repository commit messages can automatically move an issue through the following an advanced flow if the commit message contains the following keywords:

branches --> -&gt; move to 'In Progress' -- used to indicate that work has started on an issue
implements --> -&gt; move to 'Implemented' -- used to indicate that an issue has been implemented
integrates --> -&gt; move to 'Integrated' -- used to indicate that an issue has been integrated back into an integration branch to await a future release
releases --> -&gt; move to 'Released' -- used to indicate that an issue has made it into a release that has passed acceptance test
verifies --> -&gt; move to 'Closed' -- used for internal verification before a release is given to a receiver

Having a large number of slots for commit message auto-updates has drastically reduced the burden on software engineers when it comes to using a defect tracking system, while still allowing a useful number of issue states from a management and lead perspective.