Patch #219

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 9 years ago

The attached patch allows for issues to be fixed for multiple versions. Some notes concerning this patch:

- There is a couple of new language string that need translating

- The change log implementation was modified to work in the same way as the roadmap (but with different functionality

of course). This was simply to avoid doing extra joins from issues to versions across the additional join table. The

controller and view of change log and roadmap have a lot of common code now that could be refactored.

- The migration will only revert if each issue is marked as fixed in only one version, else it will raise

an exception.

- The version selector is a HTML select list with multiple selections turned on. There are usability studies indicating

that these are difficult to use, and having a list of checkboxes maybe a better option. There are plugins for doing

this sort of thing, but I didn't really want to include a plugin as part of the patch :)