Defect #15742

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 8 years ago


I try to describe the scenario here:

1. I have two projects, one called "Original", one called "Copy".
2. In project "Original" I activated two trackers: "Main Job" and "Job". (See attachment "original_trackers")
3. In project "Copy" I only activated the tracker "Main Job" - "Job" tracker is not activated. (See attachment "copy_trackers")
4. In project "Original" I create one issue "Main Job 1" - tracker: Main Job.
5. In project "Original" I create two Jobs "Job 1" and "Job 2" - both trackers are "Job" and their parent task is the previously created "Main Job 1". (See attachment "original_mainjob")
6. I copy the "Main Job 1" issue with subtasks from project "Original" to project "Copy".
7. Redmine says that the issues were successfully copied.
8. But in the "Copy" project the two issues "Job 1" and "Job 2" now have the tracker "Main Job"! *(See attachment "copy_mainjob")* "original_mainjob")*

Although this behaviour is explainable (the Jobs get the tracker "Main Job" as it is the only tracker available in the "Copy" project), it would be nice if Redmine at least warned in such a case instead of saying "It's all ok".

*It is getting even worse:*
If you assign a custom field to the tracker "Main Job" and make this custom field REQUIRED, then Redmine does not even copy the "Job" issues, but they will be missing in the copy as the required field is not set!