Feature #19226

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 8 years ago

For example, right now we're able to write r12345 and Redmine will parse it and display a link to the revision or changeset. However, it would be useful to be able to use specific syntax to have Redmine display the diff directly in the comment.

Existing format:

{{thumbnail(existing_diff_view.png, {{thumbnail({{thumbnail(image.png, size=400, title=Thumbnail)}}, size=300, title=Thumbnail)}}

or as CodeRay would display it:

<pre><code class="diff">
Index: field_format.rb
--- field_format.rb (revision 12344)
+++ field_format.rb (revision 12345)
@@ -315,7 +315,7 @@

def edit_tag(view, tag_id, tag_name, custom_value, options={})
- view.hidden_field_tag(tag_name, '0') +
+ view.hidden_field_tag(tag_name, '0', :id => nil) +
view.check_box_tag(tag_name, '1', custom_value.true?, options.merge(:id => tag_id))

Thanks for your consideration!