Defect #6609

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 5 years ago

If I have parent tasks and sub tasks and I use manual (per issue) % done values, then the parent gets the average of the values of the subtasks.
However if I use the option to set % done from status updates then instead of inheriting its % done from the subtasks it takes it from the teh status attached on the parent task.



In this case 3 of 4 subtasks are finished and the 4th is in progress, yet the parent task remains at 10% because its status is just 'Developing' (which means not much for a container task).

I actually have two separate seperate requests here:

# I think that parent tasks should inherit their done% from the sub tasks in both modes (note that when using per-issue Done% values I do not get the option to pick a value for the teh parent, it is always computed, so why not for the by-status version too?)
# Rather than average the %Done of the child tasks I would prefer to weight them by the estimated time of each subtask, so if I have 2 x 8 hr tasks finished and one 4 hour task not started the parent would be at 80% and not 66%.