Feature #12677

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 5 years ago

I would split my suggestion into two parts:

1) *Defect:* 1)*Defect:* At 2.2.0 version a "private" comment type was added, but if you attach any document
to this "private" comment, this document is available to everyone. If a "private"
status will be applied to uploaded document as well. That would be super.

2) *Suggestion:* 2)*Suggestion:* The best way would be to have not just a checkbox, where you can set a "private"
status, for comment, but a selectable field, with two strings, old "private" string, and something
like "advanced private" that will allow to select users (with chechboxes, like observers) that are
allowed to see private comment, and its attached file.