Feature #20497

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 7 years ago

As discussed in #15520#note-16 http://www.redmine.org/issues/15520#change-65319 currently HTML is disabled. This brings several *important issues* which need to be addressed:

* Markdown without HTML is not any more Markdown, but rather a very limited flavour
* because it's a flavour, it needs to be named differently (according to _John Gruber_)
* users of CKEditor (or similar) can't easily migrate
* Redmine is very often deployed on non-public networks and thus using HTML is quite safe

The easiest solution would be to introduce 2 formatting options instead of one:

1. "Markdown (with HTML)"
1. "Markdown (without HTML)"

Also, there would need to be two different markup manuals (a modern variant based on side-by-side live preview as on http://agea.github.io/tutorial.md/ might be worth looking at and possibly copying from - it's MIT licensed).