Defect #20648

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 7 years ago

In the User Profile, there are following two date fields.
* Registered on: 2015-01-01 (value is an example)
* Last connection: 2015-09-01 (value is an example)

For some users, "Last connection" is not correct. Although the user logs in Redmine, "Last connection" date is not updated.
In our system, for example, a user logged in on August 31, 2015. But "Last connection" date is still "August 22, 2015".

It is also true in the Administration=>Users Administratyion=>Users listing.

We are using this field to determine if the user is active or not. So We hope this field is correct.

Thank you all, in advance.

* Reported version
Redmine 2.5.0.stable.
Details are as follows.
Redmine version 2.5.0.stable
Ruby version 1.9.3-p484 (2013-11-22) [x86_64-linux]
Rails version 3.2.17
Environment production
Database adapter PostgreSQL