Feature #23265

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 5 years ago

This pertains to the change applied in #10412#note-16.

Custom fields of the type version can also have filters and can be rendered as a select menu for editing, both are currently rendered with the project name and without grouping, as well as not ordered (case in point the Affected version field to create this issue has "3.3.0" then "2.6.9", "3.0.7" and "3.1.3").

We had thought about adding the project in the name and adding a third element in the inner arrays with the status name in source:/trunk/lib/redmine/field_format.rb@15606#L823, and to implement a similar switch whether wether the inner arrays have 2 or 3 elements in source:/trunk/lib/redmine/field_format.rb@15606#L541 as is done in Javascript for the filter. This would however impact everything using @Redmine::FieldFormat::VersionFormat#possible_values_options@, for example @#value_from_keyword@ which would only recognize recognise version by "project name - version name", and so on.

We would be willing to propose a patch but are unsure what degree of change is acceptable here.