Defect #23396

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 6 years ago

Unable to import values for parent task

Added by shivaranjani v about 4 years ago

I encountered this bug with the latest version and found that it was discussed 4 years ago.

Dear Friends,
I have created a issue in redmine. Let us suppose its redmine id is 10. I have created two other issues manuaaly through create new issues and then added the parent id 10 in both of thes two issues. So now 10 is the parents and 11 and 12 are childs for the parent task.
When I am trying to import data through CSV, when mapping is done with repect to the general fields, there in the import screen it displays us an option to select for unique field. Since I am creation a relatioship based on redmine id, it is not being popluated in the drop down and hence forth unable to import. Kindly provide your inputs.
thanks inadvance.