Patch #23417

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 6 years ago

Currently, in the issues listing table, there are two "hard coded" columns:
# first column with the checkbox
# second column with the issue ID

In our custom theme, we want to have the subject in the first column in order to improve the readability of the issues and subtasks: !id_column.png!.

To obtain that, we hide hid both columns from the CSS, but we weren't able to display the ID column as last column in the table by default without development (or let the users to decide the ID column position).

Attached is a patch that:
- makes the ID column configurable (like the other columns)
- adds the ID column as first column in the default Redmine settings
- migrates the default columns settings in order to add the ID column as first column.
- updates the existing tests to include this change
- removes some empty spaces