Feature #23728

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 5 years ago


i use redmine in IT projects several serveral years (really happy with it). More and more it is important importand to envolve costs in projects for us.

It would be great to have possibility possibilitys for estimate costs and compare them to the real used money.
Things should behave like time management in redmine:

* estimate -estimate costs per ticket
* document -document real costs per ticket update
* things -things from subtickets get cummulated in primary ticket
* things -things get cummulated for project

This could be easily achieved using custom fields for "time"-entrys. But as far as i see, there is currently no option for custom time-fields to behave like the time itself (cummulate and so on).

Is it possible to extend the custom time-fields to behave like the "time"-field itself? I think this could be usefull for more than estimating costs.

Any other ideas?:-)