Defect #23794

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 6 years ago

In previos redmine version i've used rest api to sync with our ERP/CRM system for further analisis

To get only updated issues we used uri like this


Where "2016-09-07T06:12:07Z" is a timestamp of the last sync issue

After 3.3 update this GET request returns issues that were update before this date

I've tried this request with various dates and came across to the conclusion, that when i use only "2016-09-07" i get the correct result, but when i add time - i get strange set of issues

I've also checked the [[Rest_Issues]],, but i did not see any changes

Please help to understand what is whong in this request (it worked well for a long time before the 3.3 update) or fix the problem if it is a bug