Patch #23980

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 5 years ago

Icon fonts have some advantages over the classical images:
- being vector graphics, they are scalable an can be resized without losing quality.
- can be customized directly from CSS (size, colour, etc)
- less HTTP requests to server because they are loaded only with one or a few requests. Now, Redmine make a request for each image.
- some of the current custom themes already use icon fonts (Abacus theme, Minelab, PurpleMine2, our custom theme and I think the theme from

We're interested to contribute with a patch that implements the FontAwesome icons, but because there are at least two ways to implement them, we want some feedback before from Redmine contributors and/or users.

1. *Using i tags*:

* Is the recommended way on their "official page":
* We can use all the build-in rules available in the FontAwesome CSS.

* it'll be required to add the i elements in views.

2. *Only from css*

* the views will not be modified

* The build-in rules must be reimplemented in the current CSS
* The icons will be defined using their unicode. For example, the fa-pencil icon (similar with the current images for icon-edit) has the unicode f040.

Only for demo purposes, I've attached a patch that replaces the icons from issue page with font awesome icons (using i tags).