Feature #24681

Updated by Go MAEDA over 5 years ago

I propose replacing CodeRay with other syntax highlighter, "Rouge":https://github.com/jneen/rouge . It supports "100+ languages":https://github.com/jneen/rouge/wiki/List-of-supported-languages-and-lexers. 100+ languages.

Current syntax highlighter CodeRay does not support popular languages such as C#, Visual Basic, Objective C, Swift, ... and so on. Unfortunately the development of CodeRay is not so active now, it is difficult to expect that CodeRay will support those languages.

Citation from Rouge's "README.md":https://github.com/jneen/rouge/blob/master/README.md :

> **Advantages to CodeRay**
> * The HTML output from Rouge is fully compatible with stylesheets designed for pygments.
> * The lexers are implemented with a dedicated DSL, rather than being hand-coded.
> * Rouge supports every language CodeRay does and more.