Feature #25198

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 6 years ago

I'm developing full text search plugin for Redmine[1].
I want to add rank (score) to search result to check search result rank(score) easily.
(It it very hard to read debug log in real time.)
Currently I need overwrite app/views/search/index.html.erb and app/views/search/index.api.rsb completely to add rank to search result.
But I don't want to keep maintaining views in my plugin because it is very annoying to keep following upstream changes.

This tiny patch provides functionality to display rank(score) in search result.
I don't add CSS to display data-rank attribute in search result html by default.

We can display data-rank value in search result using following CSS:

<pre><code class="css"> &lt;pre&gt;
#search-results dt a::after {
content: " (" attr(data-rank) ")";
color: gray;
font-size: x-small;
</code></pre> &lt;/pre&gt;

fn1. https://github.com/okkez/redmine_full_text_search