Defect #25470

Updated by Go MAEDA almost 5 years ago

The current translation "検索範囲" should be changed to "ベースDN".

We usually use "ベースDN". "ベース" is transliteration of "base". Here are some examples (please search "ベース DN" or "ベースDN" in the following pages):


The current translation "検索範囲" means "search scope". It does not make sense in this context.

<pre><code class="diff">
Index: config/locales/ja.yml
--- config/locales/ja.yml (revision 16444)
+++ config/locales/ja.yml (working copy)
@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@
field_host: ホスト
field_port: ポート
field_account: アカウント
- field_base_dn: 検索範囲
+ field_base_dn: ベースDN
field_attr_login: ログイン名属性
field_attr_firstname: 名前属性
field_attr_lastname: 苗字属性
</code></pre> &lt;/diff&gt;&lt;/pre&gt;