Defect #14116

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 5 years ago

Quoting Jens from #11612#note-9 where he suggested to not add a commit node on the revision graph when it doesn't have a space property, meaning it's not attached to any branch anymore:

We recently had the same problem - graph rendering broke completely for a repository due to JS errors because some commits were missing the @space@ property.

Turns out that on a fresh install, where the repository in question was re-imported, the problem didn't occur, because the problematic commits didnt show up at all. Further investigation showed that those commits were basically abandoned and not connected to any branch.

I think not rendering these commits in the graph at all is much better than putting them randomly on the first branch as the patch above does.

Here's the patch for 1.4:

<pre><code class="diff"> &lt;pre&gt;
--- a/public/javascripts/revision_graph.js
+++ b/public/javascripts/revision_graph.js
@@ -41,6 +41,10 @@ function drawRevisionGraph(holder, commits_hash, graph_space) {

commits.each(function(commit) {

+ if (typeof != 'undefined') {
y = commit_table_rows[max_rdmid - commit.rdmid].getLayout().get('top') - graph_y_offset + CIRCLE_INROW_OFFSET;
x = graph_x_offset + XSTEP / 2 + XSTEP *;

@@ -95,6 +99,7 @@ function drawRevisionGraph(holder, commits_hash, graph_space) {

+ }

</code></pre> &lt;/pre&gt;

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