Feature #25701

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 5 years ago


Import issues feature is absolutely fantastic.
Thank you for making it available for everyone from the core !

But, I think it can be even better with the ability to add dynamical dates inside.
For example, in a very simple CSV file, I have now :
;Parent subject;2017-04-24;2017-04-28;
1;Child subject;2017-04-28;2017-04-30;

It would be wonderful to let the system fill the date fields automatically, for example the same CSV file :
;Parent subject;2017-04-24;<empty>;5
1;Child subject;#1;<empty>;3

"#" would mean "Put the START_DATE from line 1.
If END_DATE empty, DURATION would be used : it would mean "number of days to add to the START_DATE".
Between 24th April april and 28th April, april, there's 5 days, and between 28th April april and 30th April, april, there's 3 days.

Needs to be thought a little bit more, but I think you guys get the point.
How about functions like MySQL ones : @CURDATE(), DATE_ADD(CURDATE()+5)@, CURDATE(), DATE_ADD(CURDATE()+5), etc... ?

What do you think ?