Feature #26279

Updated by Go MAEDA almost 5 years ago

In the current implementation, the encoding of exported CSV is fixed for each language and users cannot change it.

Sometimes it is problematic for teams using multiple languages. Suppose the situation that issues in a project are written in Japanese or Chinese (mixed language project; some issue are written in Japanese and some issues are written Chinese). If you want to export those issues to CSV, using UTF-8 as the CSV encoding is only solution to get readable (not garbled) CSV file. But actually the encoding is fixed to CP932 for Japanese users (source:tags/3.3.3/config/locales/ja.yml#L164) and gb18030 for Chinese users (source:tags/3.3.3/config/locales/zh.yml#L147). (source:tags/3.3.3/config/locales/zh.yml). No one can get CSV file in UTF-8 without modifying source code of Redmine.

I think the problem can be resolved if users can override general_csv_encoding setting in CSV export options window like the following picture. The encoding in the drop-down list is defaults to general_csv_encoding and users can change to arbitrary encoding. We already have the similar drop-down in CSV import feature.

!{width: 600px;}.csv-export-options@2x.png!