Feature #27070

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 4 years ago

+Feature+: Set the "Parent task" of an issue generated via email to redmine.

+Context+: I am able to set project, tracker, priority, status, element, and estimated time fields but not "Parent task" by using colon-separated fields in the body of the email. I am able to set "Parent task" manually on-creation of a redmine issue or when editing an issue, so I know this functionality works in my current redmine setup.

i.e. I send the following email-body to redmine, and it properly sets all fields except "Parent task"

Description: Trying to set parent task as part of this email-generated redmine ticket
Project: test-project
Tracker: Task
Priority: 3 - Normal
Status: New
Parent Task: 10871
Element: Data Management
Estimated time: 9
Parent task: 10871
Parent Task: 10871
parent: 10871
Parent: 10871
Parent_Task: 10871
Parent_task: 10871
Parent_Id: 10871
Parent Id: 10871
Parent_id: 10871
Parent id: 10871