Patch #27807

Updated by Marius BALTEANU over 2 years ago

Currently, there are 2 ways to check/uncheck a group/fieldset with checkboxes:

1. Using the green tick icon in screens like:
- New member modal
- Workflow, tab Status transitions

2. Using the explicit links "Check All/Uncheck All" in screens like
- New tracker form
- New custom field form

These 2 This series of patches propose the following changes:
3. add the the toggle feature (from point 1)
to replace several screens:
- Active activities from Time tracking tab (Project settings)
- Trackers and custom fields settings from Issues tracking tab (Project settings)
- Project modules settings (Project settings)
- Roles permissions for each module (Administration)

4. Replace
the explicit links from the above mentioned screens (point 2) with the toggle feature.
5. Some CSS cleanup
6. Fix a current issue in new member modal where the icon is rendered after the fieldset name and not before it.

In this way, will have a unique and consistent way to check/uncheck a group of checkboxes across the application.

I chose to use the version with the green tick because it requires less space than the explicit links and it fits better.
I'm not saying that the green tick is the best option, but this is an ongoing discussion (#27678).

Patch 6 can be applied also on the next minor version if we want to fix the issue from the new member modal earlier.

Some screenshots attached.