Feature #29482

Updated by Marius BALTEANU over 3 years ago

The attached patch adds the existing query system (from issues and time entries) to the projects page, including the possibility to save custom queries and export to csv.

Available columns:
* Name (default column)
* Status
* Short Description (default column)
* Identifier (default column)
* Subproject of
* Public
* Created
* Custom fields

Available filters:
* Status with active, closed and archived
* Name
* Description
* Public
* Created

!{width: 70%; border: 1px solid grey}.projects.png!

Some mentions:
- I chose to open a new ticket because the patch implements multiple related issues
- One of the most reported issue generated by Redmine version:3.4.0 is the multiple columns projects page which is considered by many users a defect (7 issue reported since then, please see #26853)
- Even if this patch reverts the multiple columns listing, we can build in a future release an alternative listing of projects and allow users to switch between the views
- More filters and columns can be added, but I wanted to keep this patch as small as possible.

Any feedback is welcome.