Feature #33153

Updated by Marius BALTEANU over 2 years ago

One of the most often action when working with issues is to change the issue status and in the current UI, depending on the context, you can do this in two ways:
1. Using the context menu wherever the issues are listed (Issues, My Page, Subtasks, Related issues, etc).
2. Using "Edit" button from the issue page.

From my experience, the second option is generally used because the normal flow is to open first the issue and then change the status. In a very simple scenario, this action requires at least 4 clicks: click Edit to open edit form, click to open Status dropdown, click to select the new status and then click Submit.

The scope of this feature is to discuss and find a better UI feature to allow users to change the issue status with less clicks and using a method that is focused on the issue transition, not a general Edit mode which can be quite overwhelming for some users (#3143 is caused by the same "Edit" mode and it's a long requested feature).

I thought at three approaches:

1. Buttons for each available status displayed under the issue subject:
!{border: 1px solid grey; width: 80%;}status_buttons.png!

2. New button "Change status" in the contextual area:
!{border: 1px solid grey; width: 80%;}change_status_button.png!

3. Display the issue status as a custom dropdown and on click, show the dropdown with the available statuses:
!{border: 1px solid grey; width: 80%;}status_dropdown.png!

4. Based on #33254, as a badge dropwdown:
!{width: 50%; border: 1px solid grey;}.dropdown_badge.png!

In a first iteration, clicking on the issue status will work in the same way as clicking on the new status from the context menu where the issue edit form is displayed in case of any validation error. In the future, this new "UI feature" can be develop in order to allow users to fill in the mandatory fields or to add a note before submitting the issue.

Based on the current UI, I think the second option with the "Change status" icon is more appropriate. Any feedback is welcome!