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Redmine Due Date By Default

Plugin automatically sets due date of the issue based on the due date field of the target version

By Max Prokopiev


Periodic Tasks

In some projects there are tasks that need to be assigned on a schedule. Such as check the ssl registration once per year or run security checks every 3 months

This is the redmine plugin for you if you need such a thing.

By tanguy de courson




Redmine Importer allows importing issues in bulk from .csv files. Fields will default to name-based mapping but can be overridden at the confirmation screen. Existing issues can be updated, and issue relationships and custom fields are supported.


By Leo Hourvitz



Redmine Upload Forms

A plugin for managing upload forms

The plugin is useful for collecting information from groups of users, similar to a homework assignment on Moodle.


  • Allows creation/deletion of upload forms.
  • Allows separate views of ...

By Tudor Cornea



Redmine Dropbox Plugin

This plugin allows to storage proyect files on your Dropbox account.

By Zuinq Studio


Redmine Cmis Plugin

This plugin enables a new project module that allows to upload documents on a Cmis compatible server.
Once the module is activated, a new project tab will appear, in which you'll be able to upload documents just as you used to do on Documents tab.

By Zuinq Studio



Redmine Chuck Norris plugin

This plugin modifies the Project overview tab showing a random Chuck Norris fact. Chuck will also approve the project if more than 50% issues are closed.

By Zuinq Studio


Updates notifier

This plugin sends update notifications to a user-configured callback URL when changes are made to an issue within Redmine. It picks up changes made using the issue bulk-editing interface and is also smart enough to ignore changes made through the Redmi...

By Ramesh Nair




Graphic team workload representation, designed to see "in a sight" the overall workload of your teammates and how many resources are consumming each issue. It shows also the timing of the issues or if a team mate is overloaded.

Plugin can show:

By DNOiSE Agencia de comunicación


Svn authentication plugin


If you have a subversion integrated with apache, but not integrated with redmine, this plugin allow to change subversion password for redmine user.
For example, you have a passwd file with passwords for subversion users (created using...

By Alex A


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