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Real-time Staff Watcher for Managers - monitor issues your team is working on in the real-time

Plugin gives possibility to see if staff is working right now and what issues they do.

Plugin works along with time tracking app, so when team member tracks time ...

By Dmitry Vasyliev


Recurring Tasks

Plugin for creating scheduled tasks from templates.

By Igor Olemskoi (Southbridge)



Red Counter

Red Counter plugin

Red Counter is a Redmine plugin for setting up issue-related counters.

Counters may be:

  • Time spent in a particular state (summing time from different states is also supported)
  • Counting occurrences of a state (e.g. h...

By Andrea Valle


Redmine Add Absolute Time

This is a plugin that adds an absolute time notation to the relative time notation.

(Hint: Due to the word order, it may not be displayed as expected except in Japanese)

By Ken Kubomi


Redmine AdvancedImage

This plugin provides a macro to display images with subtitles and anotation capabilites and a macro to reference an image from within a wiki page. Also included are macros to display tables with headers and formulas with labels as well as capabilities ...

By Five Above Infinity


Redmine Auditlog

Provides full auditlog for user actions in Redmine instance.
Uses Audited gem and filters any sensitive information from the log.

By Alex Stanev


Redmine Auto Assign Group Plugin

This is Redmine plugin which assigns group automatically when create new users.

By Tatsuya Saito


Redmine Base Deface

This technical plugin is used as a dependency by other plugins.
It adds the Deface gems which allows us to customize Redmine standard views.

By Vincent Robert


Redmine Bots

This plugin provides common stuff to build redmine plugins that involve Slack/Telegram API usage.

By Igor Olemskoi (Southbridge)



Redmine Budget

Keep track of profit, cost and analyze overall financial performance across your projects.

Redmine provides extensive possibilites of planning and organizing work more agile to deliver faster and make our craft even better.

"+Try it now in LIVE D...

By Omega Code


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