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WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

WBS - Work Breakdown Structure is a fundamental project management technique of decomposition of the project into deliverable parts. Work Breakdown Structure plugin visualizes project tasks in mind map view and enables you to easily create project ...

By Petr Pospisil



Westaco Versions

This plugin adds the new Versions page to Redmine's application (global) and project menus. This page lists versions of all projects or of the project (and its subprojects) correspondingly. It supports a query form (with filters, columns etc) similar t...

By Westaco Express


Wiki Extensions

Wiki Extensions is a plugin which adds several useful wiki macros to Redmine.

By Haruyuki Iida


Wiki macros to link to custom query and misc.

Plugin features

This plugin contains some miscellaneous wiki macros,

  • link to issues with specified custom query.
  • link to gantt chart with specified custom query, start year, term of manths, and zoom.

Plugin usage


By Toru Takahashi



Work Time

WorkTime is a Redmine plugin to edit spent time by each user.

By Tomohisa Kusukawa



The plugin calculates how much work each user would have to do per day in order to hit the deadlines for all his issues.
It also calculates this information for a user-group.
It calculates issues (number and hours) that are behind schedule and calcul...

By Markus Boremski




This plugin adds WYSIWYG editor mode to Redmine.

By Takeshi Nakamura


Xapian search

This plugin allows a full-text search in attachments and repository files through the Xapian search engine.

By Karel Pičman




User mentions, saving text drafts and distraction-less work on text—that's Redmine Zenedit Plugin

  • Auto-savings drafts for new issues and notes
  • User mentions inside Issue's notes and description
  • Full-screen mode
  • Light and d...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)


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