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06:12 Redmine Feature #25419 (Closed): Portfolio Project Management - Specific use case as an example for a Plugin
FTR: message#52495
04:58 Redmine Defect #25668 (Needs feedback): Assignee is being lost when creating ticket
See [[submissions]].


13:40 Redmine Patch #25402 (Closed): stop misusing distance_in_words
Thank you for posting patch to #25130#note-10.
I close this issue to prevent scatter.


13:12 Redmine Feature #25381 (Closed): Allow project selection when editing timelog entries
13:09 Redmine Feature #25381: Allow project selection when editing timelog entries
Marius BALTEANU wrote:
> Duplicates #588 (which is assigned for 3.4.0).
Thank you for your pointing out.
12:21 Redmine Feature #25651 (Closed): How to make specified item of two custom fileds can be linked.
Duplicate of #6717 and etc.
12:20 Redmine Feature #25650 (Closed): How to make one custom field automatic counting based on due date changed.
Duplicate of #6717 and etc.


06:49 Redmine Defect #25619 (Closed): 2.6.0 upgrade to 3.3.3 NoMethodError (undefined method accessor...)
Try rake db:migrate.
Please use forum for question.


17:21 Redmine Patch #25609 (Closed): Change Japanese translation for field_attr_*
Committed in trunk, thanks.
16:45 Redmine Revision 16543: Japanese translation for field_attr_* changed by Go MAEDA (#25609)

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