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15:53 Redmine Help: RE: Allow watchers to comment on issue
There is a plugin "extended watchers" which allows you to provide watcher-functionality to non-members of non-public ...


16:41 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Some doubts about the management of Redmine
A simple workaround could be to introduce a custom field, e.g. "Workstation", as a list field and then copy paste the...


16:37 Redmine Help: RE: All plugins with 404 error
Yes. There are good guides in the wiki for doing that.
16:34 Redmine Help: RE: Synology Redmine DB migration error
I am no expert on this, but the errorlog says the "table imports" already exists. *Without any warrantee*: inspect th...


16:00 Redmine Help: RE: Add image
exactly the filename of the image. Use the help button of the built in editor or google for "redmine textile" or have...
11:23 Redmine Help: RE: All plugins with 404 error
Hi Jacek,
don't be frustrated, but Bitnami/Windows is a quite exotic/uncommon environment, especially when you try...


11:24 Redmine Help: RE: Redmine not starting after server reboot
just googled your error. have a look at:
Seems to indicate a misformatt...


17:28 Redmine Help: RE: Active Directory
Configuration? AD-users should work.
17:27 Redmine Help: RE: Is there a possibility in redmine to notificate users by email if only an issue have a ...
I don't understand your question. But if redmine is too "verbose" think of redmine silencer plugin which allows users...
17:23 Redmine Help: RE: Adding files when creating a task from mail
you can filter certain file types in configuration. Later on there is a feature planned allowing for filtering based ...

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