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20:35 Redmine Feature #26648: Show transparency grid when previewing images


16:04 Redmine Defect #25607: Users can't see issues they've been assigned to.
For sure, this issue seems tough to find the right middle.
Here's what I see as a possible solution from what we b...


02:12 Redmine Patch #24007: Change plugins directory through the configuration.yml file
I wish that functionality, would be very great for multitenancy environments.
02:06 Redmine Development: RE: How can I be a part of Redmine Development Team
Me too I would like to


01:58 Redmine Defect #25607: Users can't see issues they've been assigned to.
I see here two possible expected behaviors (may be more) :
The solution you said :
# User_2 assigns User_1 to iss...


17:27 Redmine Patch #25491: List of role members
Thank you very much for those fixes !


23:13 Redmine Patch #25491: List of role members
23:12 Redmine Patch #25491 (Needs feedback): List of role members
This simple patch provides a list of all members of a role grouped by projects.
Tested and working with Redmine 3....


20:54 Redmine Defect #24693: Spent time on subtasks should also be reassigned when deleting an issue
I did a plugin to backport this fix on 3.2.4 and older :


22:09 Redmine Feature #1113: Link LDAP groups with user accounts
h2. Redmine Plugin : Add LDAP Users to Group
I just made some plugin that could help people with Redmine ~3.2

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