Max Johansson

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23:41 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Installation on shared hosting?
It depends on your shared hosting :)
Upon close investigation of mine. I found out that, while many shared hosting...


17:59 Redmine Feature #29750 (New): Per project intergated IDE module with live collaboration support
Similarly to how Google Docs works, only with syntax checking and saving the open documents will be = a commit. This ...


09:44 Redmine Defect #29450: Addressing the test issues problem on
Going to have to bump this one once!
+1 to my own ticket because I agree XD. Please feel free to add more ideas for ...


20:05 Redmine Feature #23868: Automatically link a project to several repositories
+1 Not just create, but
* Maybe give a button to create a new linked local repository when adding it to a project, ...
18:44 Redmine Feature #29664: Webhook triggers in Redmine
The only related feature I found: but is closed
18:43 Redmine Feature #29664 (New): Webhook triggers in Redmine
To have Redmine be able to at least use POST method with web hooks upon multiple events, similarly implemented in Git...


16:29 Redmine Feature #17907: Give 'version' another meaning
16:29 Redmine Feature #724: change "versions" to "milestones"


17:43 Redmine Open discussion: A new Redmine dedicated Twitter
Hello people,
I decided to create a Twitter account which will:
Automatically po...


15:46 Redmine Feature #3671: We want smileys in text formatting!:))
aka emoji, emoticons and emotes! +1. I can't imagine any platform which would have a Forum and wouldn't have emotes, ...

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