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14:28 Redmine Feature #29894: View watchers on the issue list
+1 but I agree with Bernhard
> I think this column gets really messy if you have 10 or more watchers on the list.


15:06 Redmine Feature #30829: Simpler link syntax "#note-123" to make a link to a note of the current issue


19:26 Redmine Open discussion: RE: tickets vote count list(2018/12/15)
crypto gopher wrote:
> Best idea that I can think of at this point is to vote with crypto tokens (given that they ar...
15:49 Redmine Patch #23980: Replace images with icon fonts
> So has anybody a better idea on how to get at least a yes, no, maybe from Redmine's kahuna?
I guess the only way I...
13:40 Redmine Feature #1011: Add voting to tickets
Antoine Beaupré wrote:
> unwatch this issue and apologize for this final, ultimate mike drop: +1 :)


19:44 Redmine Patch #9697: Projects list with progress
I think if it really needs to exist, it then has to be optional and maybe even the progress bar design to be thin and...
19:34 Redmine Feature #30229: Optimization: all UI icons collapsed into a single sprite
I offer to close this issue so we focus on it's only related issue #23980 which seems like the best solution anyway :)
18:28 Redmine Patch #23980: Replace images with icon fonts
Marius, maybe it will be easier to update the patch and sneak-commit it with help of Go? Then we could cross fingers ...
18:12 Redmine Patch #30730: [Revision view] Place link to add a related issue next to the heading
I tested the patch against very recent trunk and LGTM. Please commit while it's not spoiled. XD
16:55 Redmine Patch #4979: Human readable Time for the issue table
*queries_helper.rb* has completely changed ever since 9 years ago, so this patch is now obsolete and will require a c...

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