Would Redmine work as a university-wide source-code control (low overhead to manage repos)

Added by Cris Fuhrman over 6 years ago


I asked my question on stackoverflow and now I'm here to get more details about Redmine.

We're searching for a university-wide resource for source code control, available to potentially all the programming and/or research activities (courses, research projects, etc.). We have thousands of students and the time span of their projects can be weeks, semesters, or years.

Here are some of the peculiarities of our needs:

  1. There are a large number of new repositories created/managed each semester. Any programming course or research project could require students to use source code control, in various source code environments (including .NET, Java, C++, LaTeX).
  2. Students should be able to create and manage themselves the repositories. Involving an administrator/instructor/etc. is not scalable otherwise.
  3. Repository storage should be secure (private), and archivable for respecting intellectual property (preventing plagiarism, protecting research IP).
  4. Any or all of the flavors of source code control (e.g., CVS/SVN/GIT) would be acceptable.
  5. Remote access to repositories is essential. Student/researchers have freedom to work either in designated lab spaces or remotely. Marking of assignments can be done by instructors who've "checked out" the code anywhere.
  6. Must have license that scales for >500 students.

Would Redmine be an option? If so, is there some kind of guide to set it up this way? I've found a few questions being asked in this forum regarding usage similar to mine, but it seems people are still experimenting.