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Added by Ron McClain almost 10 years ago

I've seen some talk on the rubyforge site about integrating email support, but nothing concrete. I think this is the KEY missing feature of Redmine, and the one that prevents it from being deployed by a lot of people.

I think the easiest thing would be to make a command line script that can take parameters to specify the project and other ticket parameters and accept email messages on stdin. Then you could use mail aliases or fetchmail or procmail or whatever to call the script when a message is received. This is how RT handles e-mail, and it works great.

Is something like this on the roadmap?

It would be also good to have a web services API of some kind to add and update incidents for integration with other software such as alerting systems and other CRMs. Other than the lack of integration points, Redmine is great ;)


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RE: E-Mail Support - Added by Jim Mulholland almost 10 years ago

Hi Ron,

I am creating a Redmine plugin to create issues based on incoming emails using Ruby's NET::IMAP class.


To implement, you would have to create a "script/runner" task via a cron job to run in the background to check for new email.

It does not sound as sophisticated as the solution you are proposing and it requires an IMAP enabled email provider (such as Gmail), but it should be adequate to suit my project needs. I'll be sure to update the group when I have a version ready to release to the wild. (I am hoping that will be later this week.)

After I get a basic "new issue" to work, I hope to allow notes to be added to existing issues by users replying to an issue notification, but that would be a later version.

- Jim

RE: E-Mail Support - Added by Ron McClain almost 10 years ago

That sounds good. I'd love to give it a try when it's ready.

I still think that email support should be a core feature though and not restricted to IMAP. Maybe I'll dig into the source this weekend and see how hard it would be to implement a cli.

RE: E-Mail Support - Added by Eric Davis almost 10 years ago


Please let me know when you are releasing it. I have a few people who could really use it. If you need any help with it please contact me, I would love to help out.


RE: E-Mail Support - Added by Jim Mulholland almost 10 years ago

Hi Eric,

The Google Calendar integration became a higher priority for my client this week, so I am just now getting back to the email plugin. Hopefully I will have something to show you by this weekend.

I do have an initial rev that I checked into GitHub. Feel free to "watch" my progress there.


Let me know if you don't have a GitHub login access. I can send you an invite.

- Jim

RE: E-Mail Support - Added by Joe Friend almost 10 years ago

+1 here. I have a project that could use this as well.

RE: E-Mail Support - Added by John Goerzen over 9 years ago

Hi Jim,

I'm wondering if you'd be interested in hosting this plugin over at redminehacks.org? I'm trying to get it built up as a single "go to" spot for users that are looking for this sort of thing, like trac-hacks.org is for Trac. It's got Git support, BTW. I'm interested in having a few people sign up there and try it out and let me know if there are things that don't work.

What do you think? If you'd rather not, I'd like feedback on that too -- what could be done to improve the site.


-- John

RE: E-Mail Support - Added by Jim Mulholland over 9 years ago

Hi John,

I apologize for the late response.

I do like the idea of having all non-core things related to Redmine in a single place.

I'll sign-up tomorrow and let you know my thoughts.

I do have one quick thought. We may want to think about a better name. ;-) TracHacks makes sense because hack rhymes with Trac and people "hack" plugins to improve a product. RedmineHacks doesn't have the cutsie factor going for it like that, and a lot of non-Trac users (like myself) wouldn't get it.

RE: E-Mail Support - Added by John Goerzen over 9 years ago

I'm all ears for any ideas! I'm not good with coming up with that sort of thing.