Bulk User Add for Classroom Type Setting

Added by Omar Ramos over 9 years ago

This isn't available currently but I wanted to get a feel for what might be required for it to be accomplished in the future in Redmine.

A lot of the universities are now using Subversion for student projects, but it is unclear how they are managing the creation of large numbers of student accounts and managing repositories for different classes.

The only somewhat detailed example of a school's implementation has been:

My current thoughts are as follows:
Each Class would be a 1st-Level Project
Each Class Section would be a 2nd-Level Project
Each Student in each Class Section would be a 3rd-Level Project

Because of what I feel I know about Redmine's permissions I believe that each Instructor and their TAs can be members of the 1st of 2nd Levels and therefore be able to view the projects of the 3rd and lower levels (at least in Redmine, I'm not sure if this would also mean they have SVN access or not).

As a community college, we don't have the resources that most universities do and I really feel that Redmine would be a great solution to providing SVN capabilities for our Computer Science and Programming Courses.

If my thoughts on Redmine's permissions work pretty closely to the way I think they do than the main issue would be figuring out whether a "Bulk Add" tool could be created that would allow us to quickly add teacher, TA, and student accounts in bulk.

I know not many of you would be using Redmine the way I've described above, but I would love to hear any thoughts that anybody has on the topic :-).

Thank you!

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RE: Bulk User Add for Classroom Type Setting - Added by Omar Ramos over 9 years ago

Last night I began testing VisualSVN Server, which I could install quickly on my Windows XP machine here at home and I found that it was super easy to do what I wanted to do for the classroom using it.

Basically, there would be one repository for each term (e.g. Spring 2009), then within this repository I was able to create a folder hierarchy that looks something like this:

Spring 2009
--Instructor 1
--Instructor 2
--Instructor N

And then assign individual folder permissions to users (so Instructor 1 would have access to all of his subfolders, but student1 would only have access to his folders and any public folders that the instructor created).

I wondered how it was implemented and it looks like with VisualSVN it is just using the authz scheme for adding permissions and I'm guessing the built-in command line SVN commands for creating the folders.

I wish I could find a package so I can put together something that had everything we needed since I just don't have the time to experiment with this very much (meaning it will take a long time to figure out and eventually implement).

If anybody has some ideas that'd be great!