Report with missing time log for first day

Added by Jui Hung Yen over 9 years ago


Wishing everyone a blessed new year!
Did anyone notice if the Report module is being generated with the time log missing for the first day?  Meaning, if you select the time range, say 1 Dec 2008 and 31 Dec 2008, the time logged for 1 Dec 2008 is missing.  This seems to be happening for any time option selected.
I'm currently using Redmine 0.7.3.  Couldn't locate a similiar issue in  Does anyone know if this is a real bug?  Can someone confirm?  Thank you.
My current workaround is to extend my From-Date by one day.  Eg. 30 Nov 2008 for my From-Date if I want the whole month of Dec 2008.

With regards,
Jui Hung