My upgrade from 7.4 to 8.0 on InstantRails (Windows)

Added by John Reynolds over 9 years ago

For anyone who is in my situation: Windows, InstantRails 2.0, Redmine 0.7.3 or 0.7.4 - here is what I did for a painless upgrade to 0.8.0:

  • Backed up databases.
  • Did normal upgrade procedures to get to 0.7.4. (Backed up databases again) This step may not be necessary - you should be able to go directly to 0.8.0 AFAIK.
  • There is no upgrade of InstantRails to the versions the system now requires, but you need to get Rake and Rails to the versions listed.
    So, start a command prompt and change to the InstantRails directory. Please note that the C:\InstantRails\Ruby\bin folder should probably already be in your environment variables to make this easy. In the command prompt, type:
    gem install rails -v=2.1.2

    If you're like me and behind a proxy, try:
    gem install rails -v=2.1.2 --http-proxy http://proxyname:port

    Note!: running gem somehow starts consuming massive amounts of memory - mine went from hovering at 384 to consuming nearly 800mb of ram. Apparently from what I've read in the forums, this can be common. So, either prepare to wait a long time for the process to complete, or up the ram on your VM/PC.
  • It should automatically download and install the proper version of Rake and Rails, along with their needed dependencies. Note that this may take quite a long time to complete!
  • Now continue with the appropriate upgrade procedures from 7.4 to 8.0.

I've been running and testing things for about 5 hours without trouble; no problems yet.

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RE: My upgrade from 7.4 to 8.0 on InstantRails (Windows) - Added by Kevin Marino over 9 years ago


I am very new to the Ruby ROR thing, so was wondering did you install Redmine via SVN, and if so how did you install SVN into instantRails.

Where did you place Redmine (directory) in the InstantRails setup.


RE: My upgrade from 7.4 to 8.0 on InstantRails (Windows) - Added by John Reynolds over 9 years ago


I have not integrated SVN with Redmine, probably because we use Visual Studio 2008 and SVN/TortoiseSVN. We handle our repositories outside of Redmine. If you like, I can experiment and see if I can get it working (I'm rather curious myself) but it wasn't/isn't necessary for our environment.

As far as where I placed Redmine - I installed InstantRails into

and put the redmine folder in

Whenever a new version of Redmine comes out I create a new folder for it, then migrate over the files - just so I have full backups. It's just redundancy on my part.

I then have two other .bat file scripts.

First, one which backs up (via Windows scheduler) the databases once a night:

mysqldump -u root --all-databases > "\\enterprise\systems\backups\Database Archives\Project1\AllDBs.sql" 
mysqldump -u root --databases redmine > "\\enterprise\systems\backups\Database Archives\Project1\Redmine.sql"

And the other .bat file script starts the web server automatically on startup:

cd c:\InstantRails2.0\rails_apps\redmine-0.8.0\

ping -n 20 localhost

ruby script/server -e production

I am sure others could weigh in on better ways of doing this, but it's served me well since the 6.0 days of Redmine. I just don't know a lot of other people running Windows/InstantRails in this community. I may convert to Ubuntu 8.10 shortly as installation routines get easier so we can make use of the email scenario in v8.0.

RE: My upgrade from 7.4 to 8.0 on InstantRails (Windows) - Added by Kevin Marino over 9 years ago

Very nice. I'll have to give it a whirl