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Added by Henrique Mattos over 10 years ago

I started using Clarizen to manage resources in my company (PROJECT x WORKERS). It's being great.
But I am used to Redmine and don't want to leave it in my development area. Actually, I think that development should be managed separately from the resources. I don't want mix coding tasks with commercial in the same software.

But Clarizen has an amazing option wich is: I can create a template of a project and, when creating a new project, I can use that template. So the tasks would be pre-defined and I wouldn't take that long to create a project and start working on it.

Doesn't Redmine have a similar function? Does it plan to have?
Can I, some how, help to develop or improve it? (Don't have much free time, but can try my best).

Sorry if there's a ticket in this forum already opened about this issue. I went 'till page 3 and couldn't find. As I'm in a hurry to solve this, hope there's no problem opening a new issue.

Thanks in advance,

Henrique Mattos
Web Development
AWM Interactive
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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RE: Project Template - Added by Eric Davis over 10 years ago

There's #1125, which I know about because I'm working on it.