FDA part 11 - electronic signature

Added by Eyal Elyashar over 2 years ago

Hi all

i am considering using redmine to manage my FDA related development tasks.

for that i need to apply 2 things:
1. electronic signature when ever user is approving a step (meaning - user has to retype his password).
2. a development task can affect one or more sessions in my erp. i need to be able to update all those sessions names and be able to look later on for all changes relevant to a specific change.

Any ideas? are there any adons that supports those requirements?

Thanks in advance

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RE: FDA part 11 - electronic signature - Added by Patrick Esel over 1 year ago

Hello Eyal,

I have the same problem! It just seems to be like we are the only to persons with this problem in the whole internet ;)

Especially 1. makes big troubles... There doesn't seem to be any Open-Source-Bugtracker which is able to do (also no plugins seem to be available). Seems a bit strange, because I think many people will have this problem.

Did you find a solution in the last 11 month? If not, the only solution i see is to delevop a plugin for this myself and bring it to the community.