JAXA Report on Redmine is available

Added by kaz k almost 2 years ago

Hi, Redmine community all stars,

Supercomputer Division of JAXA has been using Redmine for years.
Last year, I wrote a JAXA Research and Development Report on Redmine (in Japanese).
Title is CODA: Ticket Management System to Support JSS2 Operation and Assistance to Users: Redmine Implementation and Hints of Its Usage .
Now its English translation is available at https://repository.exst.jaxa.jp/dspace/handle/a-is/574705?locale=en .
You can access it via "Who uses Redmine?" page at http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/WeAreUsingRedmine#Public-sector , also.

I hope it is valuable for both Redmine newcomers and existing users.
Thank you.