Correct use of redmine in my use case

Added by Giovanni Novelli over 1 year ago

I have a project with N activities.
Each activity is a predefined compound activity i.e. "New site activation" :
-- Obtain access to a site building
-- Install a LAN
-- Install personal computers
-- Configure gateway to WAN
-- Configure personal computers for:
--- WAN access
--- Active Directory
-- Obtain certifications of all above activities
-- Release site as usable
Such compound activity requires:
- exchange of documents that will be attached to the activity
- its own workflow up to "COMPLETION".

Each site will have its attributes about city, address, reference person contacts, etc

I would like to know how I could use Redmine in such case as an alternative to excel that gives only a checklist.
In the while obtain the quick view that a spreadsheet can give.