Problem with new Git repositories and using TortoiseGit

Added by Sebastien B over 7 years ago

Hi, I'm currently testing the last version of Redmine (2.0.3) from Bitnami. I'm new with it. What I need the most is using the Repository feature with Git. I followed these steps to create a new repo:

  • Create a repo with the git init command: git init <repo name>
  • Go into your repo: cd <repo name>
  • Create a file: touch readme
  • Add it to the repo: git add readme
  • Commit the changes: git commit -m "Initial commit"
  • Now log into Redmine and into the project. Go to Settings then Repository.
  • Select Git as the SCM and input the path to your git directory: /srv/repos/<name>
  • Save it then go to the Repository tab. You should see your repo with the readme file you created.

The problem is that in the Repository tab, the error 404 appear: "The entry or revision was not found in the repository." I did not find solution. How to successfully create a new repo for a project?

I would also like to use TortoiseGit for user interface. What to put in the URL field in TortoiseGit if I want to clone an existing repository on a client's folder from the Redmine server? It will certainly require a username and password I guess.

Thanks for your help!

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RE: Problem with new Git repositories and using TortoiseGit - Added by William Roush over 7 years ago



Does the user that is running Bitnami (I'm assuming... Bitnami?) have read access to the git scm? My most common issue early on is that it was owned and only accessible to the user that created it (if you're really lazy like I can be... root sometimes :|).

For me, I use RhodeCode to manage my repos through a web interface, so the user running Apache has permissions to the repos anyway.

Also, post your log/production.log if that doesn't fix it (and log/scm.err.log if you have it).