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Added by Yves G over 4 years ago

Dear all

I have setup an Redmine installation and everything is fine. The only part I struggle with is the news module.

I have several project with sub-project.
On the main page, you can see the news from all the projects and sub-projects of the redmine installation.
But in a project with several sub-projects, the parent project does not show any news from his sub-projects.

Are there any possibilities to get this behaviour, the display of sub-project news in the parent projects.

Thanks for you help, BR

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RE: News from Sub-project - Added by Martin Denizet ( team member) over 4 years ago

Hello Yves,

It doesn't seem possible out of the box.
A plugin implement a view hook would do it. The question is how many levels of descendant you wish to display.
For complex project hierarchies, it could have a performance impact.


RE: News from Sub-project - Added by Yves G over 4 years ago

Thanks for the reply

It would be a nice feature, my use case is the following

I have several topic which are regrouped by sub-projects and it would be nice to have a "news section" for a topic which is an aggregation of all news of the sub-projects

I will have a look at the plugin architecture