Gitlab + Redmine

Added by Riccardo Russo over 3 years ago

my server contains my Gitlab project:
I activated in Gitlab the Redmine service for issue tracking for

When I commit a new develop with message "... refs #xx ...", if I click on "#xx" I can read in Readmine the issue.

However in Redmine there are no updates on the issue. Even if I commit with "Fix #xx" or "fixes #xx", I cannot get the updates on the Redmine issue

Could someone explain me how to configure Redmine?

Thanks Riccardo

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RE: Gitlab + Redmine - Added by donghwa kim almost 3 years ago

It seems not supported.
You have to use additional plugin.
I`m also founding this feature...

RE: Gitlab + Redmine - Added by Abraham Cruz over 2 years ago

Hello guys,

I'm looking for the same thing, did you find a solution?

RE: Gitlab + Redmine - Added by Alex Kolesnik about 2 years ago

Hi. Did you try to run fetch_changeset like it outlined here?