Creating issue in redmine

Added by John Doe about 1 year ago

Hi everybody,

I currently am facing a weird problem when trying to create an issue in redmine.

The problem I am having is, everytime I try to create an Issue via the Redmine Java API, the redmine server responds with an Exception because my custom field isn't set.

The exception is thrown at the second line, when trying to create the issue.
When I try to set the custom field before, it will result in a null pointer exception (probably because I cannot set a custom field before creating an issue?)

This is my code:

// Create issue
Issue issueToCreate = IssueFactory.create(154, "some subject");
Issue createdIssue = issueManager.createIssue(issueToCreate);

Has anyone encountered the same problem or is this maybe even a known bug?

Thanks in advance!