redirect loops after logout

Added by Alex Polyakov over 1 year ago

Hello, and sorry for my English.
I have a problem with redmine.

After clicking on the logout button, the looping occurs and eventually the browser issues a server error.
After that, you can go to redmine only after removing the cookies.
This problem has been reproduced on several computers only once. After this browser work normally.
I think this is something like https.
Redmine started in docker container from image redmine:3.3.2-passenger

In environment.rb add this lines:

RedmineApp::Application.routes.default_scope = "/redmine" 
Redmine::Utils::relative_url_root = "/redmine" 

In the redmine log i see:

Redirected to

Filter chain halted as :session_expiration rendered or redirected

What could be the problem?