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Added by Gian Carlo Dozio 6 days ago

Hi to all,
I have installed Redmine 4.0.1 on lubuntu 19.04 using the repository "disco-proposed".
I can access the main web-page and I have tried to login with the username admin and password admin but nothing happen!
Verifying I noticed that the post to the javascript keepAnchorOnSignIn is not executed.
All the other pages are running. I checked the log file of Redmine but on the submit I see no message

<form onsubmit="return keepAnchorOnSignIn(this);" action="/login" accept-charset="UTF-8" method="post"><input name="utf8" .................

What could be?

I have another Redmine installation (version 3) and with the same client PC it works fine

Thanks for your help

Gian Carlo

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RE: Unable to login - Added by Gian Carlo Dozio about 12 hours ago

Hi to all,
I have noticed that if I select "Home" I will be redirected to the homepage of Apache and not of Redmine. Could be this related to the login problem?


Gian Carlo