Plug-in for time tracking by project instead of by issue

Added by Jesse McCabe over 8 years ago

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I recently "forced" my programmers to all use Redmine for time tracking instead of our Quickbooks service which was convenient but costly. Now, I'm getting complaints that not all their project work is being tracked by issues in Redmine and there is no way to log generic time towards a project. I told them to add new issues for everything, or create a generic task per project and log against that, but our clients have access to the issues and I'd rather not have anymore open items than necessary in their reports. Plus, they can get nosy even tho they don't see the actual time spent.

I'm also in the middle of creating a Quickbooks IIF import/export plug-in for Redmine so that we can continue to invoice through QB. I figured that, while I'm doing this, I might as well put together something that could generically track time to a project instead of by issue. I know there is a constraint in the DB, but perhaps the plugin could create a single hidden issue to relate to and then have a custom page for our employees to enter time? Any thoughts/ideas?