Timelord Help Wanted

Added by Christopher Mann over 8 years ago

Hello all,

Having developed and used two plugins in my old job -- Workload and Taskjuggler -- I would like like to team up with other enthusiasts to explore more actively use Redmine as a project planning/reporting tool as well as a ticketing tool. And I've got plenty of ideas !

On the reporting side, there are existing tools, such as my workload (needs a good cleanup) timesheet, etc. They are all good. An old colleague of mine is working of a really funky javascript interface that renders great flexibility both in after-the-fact time entry and stopwatching.

On the planning side, Task Juggler 3 is written in Ruby ! Task Juggler is a professional timing algorithm because it allows inputs (priority, resource, dependencies, constraints) to determine the dates as outputs. Therefore, with every task correctly parametized, and the work effort controlled, you click on 'plan' and everyone's work-schedule is done ! Kanban can be used for this as well, but on a shorter term.

This could be a plugin, a workgroup, or whatever. Please join.


Christopher Mann